Tips For Weight Loss

Tips For Weight Loss


Convenience stores usually don’t have many fresh vegetables. Sometimes you can find a few tomatoes or carrots and possibly a sad-looking head of lettuce.

Canned vegetables? If you like ’em, that’s what counts. You should be able to find green beans and a few other veggies in cans. Go for low sodium. Or head for the low-sodium canned soups that have vegetables in ’em, like minestrone soup. Or get frozen vegetables instead. Some convenience stores have them!

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Vegetable juice can be found in the cold drinks caselike low-sodium V8, and that’s a good choice.

Tomatoes are fantastic for youfull of vitamins, minerals, and heart-lovin’ chemicals. Tomatoes can be found in lots of foods that are canned and jarred (low-sodium pizza sauce or pasta sauce).

Be on the lookout.

Does a blob of ketchup count as a serving of vegetables? No, it doesn’tbut ketchup still is fine for you as a taste booster because it contains our real nutritional starlet: tomato.

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