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The modernist yoga discourse was just one among several modernist hybrids fusing Eastern religions (Wikipedia link) with European categories. Here Eastern religions became reconfigured to match modern sensibilities (McMahan 2008). For the emergent yoga hybrid this implied that initially a specific Brahmin yoga discourse – which was one among many yoga mutations – was adapted to the assumptions, premises and practices of modernity. Later on other varieties of yoga were imported and re-configured. For the 19 Century Europe this meant that a Brahmin yoga sign was reconfigured and associated with the implicit orientations, norms and institutions of the entirely different cultural ecosystem of modernity. This process of amalgamation would frequently consist of the de-emphasising or reinterpreting of those myths, superstition and rituals of yoga, which did not fit well into European preconceptions32. Further – typical of modernity – the authority normally ascribed to tradition’ in pre-modern societies (Wikipedia link) would be undermined and replaced by notions of individual freedom’.

In other words pre-modern practices, rituals, tales, legends and beliefs would be rationally evaluated. The implication of this was that they constantly were under threat of being dismissed, reconstructed or recombined according to the idiosyncrasies of the modern European mind – i.e. the habitus of Western cultural elites. The yoga sign would in this way be explained more in relation to inner psychology’ signs than outer rituals and worship’. Thus the yoga sign metamorphosed into a science of our inner psychological and divine space’ – a category conceived by the German romanticists. It is in this process that the Brahmin yoga branch was turned into a meditative philosophical based system’ enabling the individual to achieve inner psychological and transcendental’ benefits. Let us follow some of the major steps in this history of hybridisation.

Tonglen is such a wonderful meditation practice, and its beauty is heightened all the more by its adaptable applications you can use these tools anytime and anywhere.Upward Facing Dog Pose Yoga Soon you will be on the path toward compassionate living. Perhaps you’re still wondering what exactly it all means. What is meditation in practical terms, and how can I incorporate meditation into my life?Upward Facing Dog Pose Yoga Think of meditation as simply the turning of thoughts inward, the going inside of our selves to probe the questions of deeper levels of consciousness. Sometimes meditation involves repetition, as many yoga practices do begin or end with a simple repetition. In fact, meditation can be as simple as finding a quiet space during the day, closing your eyes, and focusing on a word or a peaceful image. We must come to enjoy the silence because it is good and purposeful. If it is true that the answers are inside of us, we need to quiet the noise of the mind enough to hear our own gentle inner voices.

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