Warrior 3

Warrior 3

Warrior 3 improves memory and concentration so you can focus on what really matters and let go more easily of what no longer serves you. We will start this pose much as we started Tree Pose, by feeling our feet root down in those three points: under the ridge under your big toe, the ridge under your pinkie toe, and at the center of your heel.

Lift your arms overhead, palms facing in, shoulder blades drawn down to create a long neck. As you continue to root down through the right foot, begin to slowly let the left foot float off of the ground as you hinge forward at your waist. Continue leaning forward, reaching your arms and torso toward the front of the room as you extend your left leg toward the back of the room to create a straight line from your fingertips all the way back to your heel.

Keep your breath deep, slow, and even to help you balance. See whether you can even out your hips. Point your left toes straight down toward the ground.

After several breaths, take one final inhale and slowly bring your left foot back to the mat, returning to your starting position, arms at your side. Take a moment and repeat on the other side.

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Legs up the Wall

This season is all about letting go and releasing, and there are few better ways to do this than Legs up the Wall.

This pose is exactly what it sounds like, so start by taking the narrow end of your yoga mat and placing it flush with a wall. If you would like to elevate your hips a little bit (purely optional based on what works best for you), bring either a folded blanket or bolster up to the edge of the wall at the bottom of your mat.

Legs up the Wall can be a bit awkward to get into, but once you’re situated, it’s pure comfort and relaxation. Bring yourself to sit sideways on the mat, blanket, or bolster so that the right side of your hip and thigh are right against the wall. One little movement at a time, maneuver yourself from there so that your hips stay close to the wall as you center your back on the mat and lie back. In the end, you should be in sort of an L shape, with your back on the mat and your legs surprise, surprise up the wall. You should exert no effort here as the wall supports the weight of your legs, doing the work of this inversion for you.

Close your eyes, let your breath come naturally, and remain in this position for as long as you would like. Enjoy!


Admittedly, these all-season movements aren’t actually movements at all. They are alternative means of generating and restoring energy on those days and in those moments when you simply don’t have any energy in you.

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