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Namaskar I am baby that and welcome to Anand over power yoga for back Power Yoga is a complete body workout which focuses on strength stamina flexibility and total body fitness power yoga for back and not only help you to strengthen the back muscles. But will also make them flexible power yoga back technique one you start off with Surya Namaskar position one then take the Namaskar up and back and have wonderful backward Bend improves the flexibility of your back then come to the hip hinge position tabletop and go down. And enjoy a wonderful stretch for the legs as well as the back from your go to the lunge pose in the downward-facing dog pose a wonderful position prim through the flexibility of legs and again for the x and from here just ladder on your abdominal slowly resting the knees. And the upper body release the hands behind relax the tools and from Europe you just raise one leg straight up as much high as possible.

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And again drop it down on the ground start one leg up and like this about 45 times see that when you are raising the leg up and not bending it in the lead the movement is happening from your paper this practice especially works on your lower back makes them stronger after being with one leg you do it with the other leg about four to five times initially as a big nerd you may not be able to take the leg pull out don’t push yourself don’t force yourself. But practice the leg will automatically start going up after doing four to five times both the sides then take the pounds in front toes inside. And come to the downward facing dog pose then take one leg forward have a good backward Bend then the other leg forward then come to the table top position then the hip hinge come up and have a good backward Bend. And come out and relax this is a simple practice. But highly effective to strengthen your lower back you.

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