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Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra – More theoria than praxis?

Key Concepts

Brahmin kriya-yoga Simulacrum Yama & niyama Samyana The Yoga Sutra totem

Samadhi Buddhist nirodha-yoga Vibhuti & siddhi Kaivalya Samadhi ‘ing

Ashtanga-yoga Yoga Sutra producing myth

Exegetic commentaries Samadhi in death

The main thrust of this chapter is to deconstruct the Yoga Sutra237 (about 300-400 AD). identifying its symbols, ideology and myths. Even if the Yoga Sutra belongs to a later social era, it seems at first glance related to the earlier Upanishads. On closer inspection it appears that yoga in this sutra is framed within a Samkhya sign system unlike the non-dual Vedanta philosophy of the Upanishads. The chapter also explains the sutra and the technical meaning of its signs. As in the analysis of early yoga forms, this analysis is not about diving deep into the sutra, deciphering its signs and their contested translations in an attempt to give them new illumination. Once more, we look instead for genealogy, change and relationship to society.

At the same time I want to give a presentation of how the yoga canon, reconciled by expert discourse, appears to a modern lay yoga sympathiser. Millions of sympathisers are similarly trying to make sense of their practice by studying this bible of yoga. It is in this context that I investigate the use-value – the technical meaning of yoga. Does the text inform the actual practice of a sympathiser?

Others with the same knowledge base might react, We already Yoga accessories do some of this. We know it is effective. Let’s see if there are additional Yoga accessories maneuvers, combinations, applications, or refinements that can benefit our patients. It is along the lines of the second attitude that we have written this book. How one does yoga can make just as much difference as what one does. When the body is unbalanced e.g a chronically curved spine or a shoulder held too far forward, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments are under constant strain. Weak or contracted muscles fall prey to a vicious cycle of misalignment and asymmetrical strain, which then causes pain and perpetuates disuse.

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