Yoga Exercise For Eyes

I’m a scarf I am David at welcome to Onondaga you got igneel for your eyes modern amenities like computers televisions I useful for us in various reasons. But have you thought how much harmful they are for your eyes or how much pain they are giving your eyes how much a smog is getting generated which affects your eyes. So these practices will help you to relax the specs number, if you have any or just to keep your health eyes and live forever scan the drew stream Skanda is your shoulders and Justi is to gaze this practice helps you to improve the flexibility of your eye bonds of your eye muscles.

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And over a period of time helps you to reduce the number of your specs in this you can just sit comfortably on your chair or in a cross-legged position or in Padm Asana keep the head still look in front and slowly move your eyeballs. And your gaze to your right shoulder don’t move your face just keep gazing your right shoulder with normal breathing then slowly take the gaze back to the center and move your gaze to the left shoulder keep breathing. And come back to the center Rose your eyes and open your eyes. And you can have one more repetition or few more repetitions of this practice remember to breathe when you’re doing this practice.

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