Yoga Exercise To Cure BACKACHE

A mascot I am David odde welcome to a new yoga general yoga level 2 once you have done with general yoga level 1 and, if you are started feeling that these arsons are getting quite easy for you then you can come to general yoga level 2 wherein we learn slightly advanced arson from general yoga level 1 there are twists there are forward bending there are backward bending and there are some good primes once you do level 2 you get prepared for level 3 and 4 3 path modular awesome to go in this arson you’re sitting with the toes up right on the heels slide your hands forward.

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And have the distance between your palms same as your shoulders bring the knees closer to each other feet closer to each other relax the toes now first take one leg straight back along the ground. And now take it up and as you’re taking the leg up turn the face up keep the breathing normal enjoy this wonderful Arsen for your back. And also for your leg it will help you to strengthen your back. And also make it flexible a very basic awesome to improve the flexibility. And the strength of your back so eyes are closed you enjoy the sarsen as long as you want keep breathing.

And then when you feel like coming out to first drop the leg straight dah then bend it and bring the knee closer to the other knee and from here only you take the other leg back and raise it up as it is raise it up take the face up enjoy the breathing enjoy the school show effect on your back on your leg on your hands. And when you feel like coming up you open your eyes drop the leg for straight down. And then bring it in toes inside and go back and sit on your heels. And just feel the effect of this Osun on your body this is an advanced arson for Margie Russell a and B you.

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