Yoga For Abs Simple Exercise for Shaping Your Abs

Namaskar and they’d be that and welcome to an endeavor Power Yoga for abs Power Yoga is a complete body workout which improves your flexibility your strength your stamina and total fitness of your body Power Yoga for abs not only works on your abs it also works towards improving your strength these set of practices will help you to train your tendinous inscription and external obliques power yoga abs technique 5 standing with the legs closer to each other Namaskar position ready slowly take the Namaskar up and back they’re looking at the Namaskar from here you come to the hip in each position don’t allow the knees to go beyond your toes then come to the tabletop position the back. And the hands parallel to the ground and drop the hands down straighten the legs from here slowly bend the legs press the buttocks.

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And then lie down now from here opposes this position will be going into thrown us in position up and three in down to start taking the legs up at the same time the upper body half and again go down exhaling you’re coming up inhaling you go down repeat this for few more time a one different practice to train your abdominal muscles and doing them last time up and go down. And then bend the legs raise the upper body stand up in such a way that the head is closer to the knees then come to the tabletop position then the hip hinge position fit in the back let the hands go behind and slowly come out and stand erect you can always combined the power yoga techniques for app then you can combine the technique two and three then combine technique two three four five together once you lie down do two three techniques. And then again ,. And then feel the difference.

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