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Trouble with our wrists and our arms is a real challenge for many of us. And when we go into different yoga poses where we’re placing our awareness and where we’re placing our weight in the hands can really have an amazing impact on keeping this part of the body healthy so when we come in to table pose or downward dog it’s important to really spread wide so maybe taking the pinky finger to the outside edge of the mat. And then fanning the fingers away. So that you’ve got lots of space pressing down into the base of the index finger. And the thumb. And the meat of the thumb primarily. And then distributing the weight evenly across the rest of the palm is a wonderful idea, if we can keep the palm a little bit forward of the shoulders when we’re in table pose that will prevent all the weight bearing down from the upper body.

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And we’ll be able to distribute our weight across the palm and across the fingers so when we go into downward facing dog we’re pressing down into the fingers the base of the fingers. And the thumb. And the meat of the thumb primarily into the base of the index finger. And the thumb itself that is going to energize a line all the way up to the inner shoulders we broaden through the collar bones widening through the shoulders shelf. And you can feel really stable here I’m Debra dividin for healing yoga.

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