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Hi I’m Sophie and today we’re going to learn how to do paschimottan Asana or a forward fold. And this is really brilliant for stretching out your hamstrings such as belt we’re going to take our legs out in front of us and remove the flesh from underneath the bottom now you might find it in your thins position that you should have end up like this with a rounded back.

And I’m not really able to sit forwards sure to start to hunched up a little bit this is the case it’s just nothing to worry about just make the hamstrings a little bit tight in which case I’d recommend either sitting on a yoga block or, if you don’t have one of those just grab a nice big book pop underneath your bottom and sit on the edge of it then this just acts to tilt the pelvis forwards. So you can then see that really really nice and tall it stops you rounding up through the back so either remaining on your block or, if you’re not using the block there removing the flesh from underneath in sit up nice and tall I do know that your toes happen to be a little bit far away for you and which my definitely where when I started are useful to grab a free yoga belt as I’ve got here just a dressing-down board I’m just going to pop that around the end of your feet and have the ends of it ready going to come into position.

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So we’re going to sit up nice and tall then we can inhale the hands up high to the sky exhale as you draw the belly in I’m going to start to fold forwards now as you do this it’s really important that the hinge is going to come from your hips so what you see most people doing here is this you’re trying to get your head down like this. So you end up rounding through the back scratching up your shoulders and being in a really uncomfortable position what you actually want to achieve is the hinge here at the hips. So you’re literally folding in half so going to lead forwards with the chest drawing improve the belly keeping the spine really long, if you can see the first thing to come down is my tummy then my chest. And then my head then grab onto the end repeat perhaps hold toes. And then we get it inhale lengthen where you like about through spine draw in through the belly even more an exhale fold forward breathing here for five or, if you couldn’t get your toes. So this is where you’re going to grab the strap. So Inhale hands up high exhale take hold of your strap. And then again you’re going to inhale sit up nice and tall exhales you start to walk your hands down the strap perhaps you’re just going to three again relax your head in line with your spine looking towards your big toes making sure you keep the feet active at all times again breathing here v belly draws in for chest reaches forwards three really using every exhale to fold a little bit deeper so every inhale creates a little bit more length so sit up even more every exhale folds you just a little bit further. And then when you’ve done your five breaths again we’re going to inhale look up lengthen and exhale release your grip.

So that’s how you do a basic forward fold or paschimottan Asana. So just show you now one time through again. So Inhaling hands high exhale fold forwards perhaps grabbing the big toes the outsides of your feet or your strap. And then inhale look up lengthen exhale fold forwards further leading with the chest time is long gone okay what is it MySpace caption class around three two and one inhale up make them exhales Reese so now I’m going to show you how we get into that through vinyasa and starting from Sun Salutation eight. So, if you just pop your props to one side for a moment. And then we’re going to come up to stand again you can start the front of your mat toes together heels together then inhale hands higher look up towards the sky exhale fold forwards drawing in through the belly inhale look up lengthen exhale step or jump back to high plank position either drop the knees or chaturanga up dog or low Cobra don’t kind of all the way back to downward facing dog now from here to come through to seated you’ve got a couple of options one is that you’re going to step into seated or two that you’re going to jump so to step in you’re gonna bend the knees look towards your hands. And then step into a cross-legged position just as you would, if you’re sitting down cross-legged cross the ankles. And then roll over the ankles come onto your bottom take your legs out in front of you ready to start your forward fold you’re going to jump into the position the same thing downward facing dog bend the knees look forth towards the hands horse legs.

And then take the lace out in front of you again remove the flesh run to the bottom inhale hands high exhale hold your strap with your feet inhale look up lengthen exhale before feeling here three two and one inhale look up lengthen exhale release your grip a meter then move here on to another position or, if you’re coming through vinyasa you’re going to cross your legs roll over the ankles come on to your hands. And then you can step or jump back to high plank I need to drop the knees or chaturanga up dog or low Cobra and all the way back downward facing dog thank you so much for joining me today to learn forward fold or paschimottan Asana I hope you enjoyed it, if you’d like to comment below please do and thanks to those of you who already have, if you want to subscribe you can do so well thanks for joining me today hope to see you again soon bye bye.

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