Yoga For Beginners How To Reduce High Blood Pressure

Namaskar I’m David Earth and welcome to Anand Yoga Yoga for high blood pressure high blood pressure is a condition wherein your blood pressure is always higher than the normal required in your body this condition is also known as hypertension there are various reasons that you can have high blood pressure it might be. Because of your age it might be. Because of the overweight it might also be.

Because of malfunctioning of your plants then decline glands or also. Because of kidney not functioning properly. And the most common reason is. Because of the stress tension. And the strain that you go through in day to day life yoga can help you reduce your blood pressure. And then get back to normal by improving the health of your heart. And the other organs in your body it it also help you to stay calm and relaxed physically as well as mentally just try this set of arsons and feel the difference in your body as well as depression sahaja fräulein this is a modern drownin which helps you to control your blood pressure it also helps you to calm down your mind in this problem the inhalation is happening through your nose. But the exhalation happens through your mouth also there is a head movement while you do the breathing so first the head is round chin is down when you inhale who knows anything the head up and start exhaling to mark both your inhalation as well as your exhalation is very slow and with control you take comfortable cross leg position hands on your knees can also have what mass and art about mass and, if you want you can also do it just on sitting on your chair close your eyes take the head down just very comfortable position don’t push it too much down.

And then start inhaling through nose very slowly taking maximum air in after taking maximum air in you take the head back the face in front and start exhaling through mouth let it be very slow and complete exhalation this is one round of sahaja praha then again after exhalation you take the head down and start inhaling through nose after inhalation take the head up and exhale through mount very slow and complete last time see that you’re not inhaling or exhaling while you are moving the head. But only when you go down you inhale and only when you come up you exhale after exhalation you can stop. And just feel the effect of this plan I am on your body. And your mind the movement of the head helps you to control your blood pressure. And the breathing helps you to count down your mind can start off with 10 rounds and slowly slowly build it up up to 50 rounds primary recheck pranayama grammar is a humming be in this practice will be producing the sound of the humming be a humming chant you’re sitting in cross leg position are the Padma’s not polymath you have the partner mudra right palm over the left thumbs are apart. And you place it on the legs touching your body then you close your eyes. And this practice you inhale through the nose and while exhaling you make the sound off more and know the makar is from the old guard we just add enough power so close your eyes take a deep breath in okay inhale one more time inhale and stop just be aware how is it feeling the vibrations that you produce.

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Because of the chanting immediately calms down your mind just enjoy this calmness then you love the pants you’ll be the energy to your eyes your face popping the hands down slowly open your eyes practice vibrates your pituitary gland. And your hypothalamus located in your brain hypothalamic is a very important part of your body which controls lot of activities in your body including your blood pressure sahaja tundra Baden prana this is an easier version of traditional Chandra violent brand in this prana you’re sitting with normal cross leg position are the pad masa market Marcin with the right hand you have the unwilling withdraw the other hand is kept on the knee in this brown. And the inhalation happens to the Chandra naadi that is the left nostril an exhalation happens to the right nostril so close your eyes close the right nostril and start inhaling through left slow and deep inhalation then close the left after completing the nation open the right and start exhaling through right after complete exhalation I mean close to right and start inhaling through left in this practice always a inhalation as through left that is a Chandra naadi an exhalation is through right once again inhale to left inhaling through left activates the Chandra naadi and accede to right and drop the handle. And just feel the effect of this plannin on your body. And the mind Chandra naadi is responsible for coming down your body from inside it reduces the hyperactivity from inside. So this plan and helps you to activate the Chandra naadi and thereby calm your body from inside just try it out and see the difference sahaja unknown belonged online this prana M is also known as Nadi should the prana which cleanses the Nadi’s which are the energy pathway in your body once the Nadi’s are clear the energy starts moving freely throughout your body to do this practice to do this prana you’re starting a normal cross leg position or the big massive fat mass and of a jostle can also good sitting on the chair then by the right hand you have the only limit ah the left hand can be on the knee or you can have the tan withdraw in this pranayam you start inhaling through left so close your eyes close the right nostril with the tongue.

And very slowly start inhaling through left take maximum air in from where you inhale the opposite ear to EXCI. So you first close open the opposite and start exhaling the second rule is from where you exceed the same you inhale to start inhaling through the right clothes arrived and start exhaling through left this is one drown so again start inhaling through left each time you’re taking magazine meirin and each time you’re throwing all the air out by paying attention to your breathing your mind comes down it’s again inhale after you exhale through left nostril you stop. And then drop the Honda I just feel the calmness you can easily feel it at your eyes your face and, if you’re sensitive enough can you also feel it at your upper body the chest. And the abdomen you start this plan armed with firearms and slowly build your capacity soup the baddha kon Asana it’s very relaxing acid and helps you to calm down your mind in this post you’ll be learning it how to do it with the props so kept the bolster touching your back the legs are in front stoolie bring them closer to each other. And then bend both the legs in such a way that the feet touches each other the soles. And the heels come closer to your body towards your groin then you keeping the bricks such that you don’t feel much pressure on the legs much stretch on the legs then slowly take the hands behind and start going down and rest on the bolster, if your head feels uncomfortable. Because of its going down. And you can keep one blanket under your head. And just rest your head on it relax your hands by slightly taking them away from the body arms facing the sky now close your eyes. And just enjoy this wonderful relaxing Asana in this your chest is expanded your heart is help to relax. Because of this expansion can just go through your body and start relaxing it it is very important for high blood pressure patient that they relax their body they do the such type of relaxing options. So In high BP cause most of the ions will be very relaxing you just enjoy this Arsen you can concentrate on your body parts just feel them relaxing you can concentrate on the breathing coming going on whatever makes you feel relaxed just do that in this awesome and take good time in the sarsen you can do it for 2 minutes 3 minutes 5 minutes whatever is comfortable for you.

And then when you feel like coming out you first open your eyes take the hands closer and slowly start sitting up with the support of the hands then take the hands forward and start releasing the legs. And just relax and feel this wonderful calmness of the body. And the mind Brahma mudra the symbol of Lord Brahma. And this practice will be turning the face on the right side first then the left it will take it up. And then drop it down. So you close your eyes and slowly move your face on the right side very slowly in such a way that your chin is not dropping it down or going too much fun keep the breathing normal enjoy the stretch the maintain there for three four or five days or even more. And then when you feel they’re coming out to come back to the center you go on the other side came to the breathing normal enjoy the stretch for the neck then come back to the center then take the face up in this keeping your mouth closed you are doing the swallowing action follow your own saliva. And then maintain with normal breathing. And then come back to the center take the chin in and down feel the difference feel the effect on your throat come back to the center. And then slowly open your eyes it’s a wonderful practice which activates stimulates the carotid body which in turn controls your blood pressure Jeeva window that unlock would always turn after seha mudra of before Sneha mudra. And then impair alternate lead for three times in this practice the locking the tongue in such a way that their tip of the tongue is touching the roof of your upper teeth. And the whole tongue is touching the soft. And the hard palate.

So, if you imagine this is the palate and these are the eat the whole tongue is touching the root of the tip of the tongue is setting the root. And the whole tongue touching out keeping the stunlock you slowly open your mouth as much wide as possible. So you can feel a wonderful stretch at your throat you close your eyes taking the face slightly up and maintain with normal breathing through the nose now something in normal cross leg position art about masam offered masson you can even sit on your chair and do this first touch the tongue the way I had said earlier. And then then open your mouth wide and once you feel complete you open your eyes it’s a wonderful practice which activates stimulates the carotid body which in turn controls your blood pressure see how mudra symbol offline is one of the best practices for high BP patient to get their blood pressure back to normal in this mudra there are three things which happen at one good first is stretching your fingers wide the second is taking the tongue out. And the third is making the sound all these three things happen at one go after that you draw your chin slightly and look up and fix against so setting a normal cross leg position at the pad mass in art. But massive whatever is comfortable for you then you have three things at one go. And then you relax the whole body see that way when you are maintaining your breathing is on through your nose this mantra activates of massages the carotid arteries which control your blood pressure a wonderful practice for controlling your blood pressure trim both do this factors alternately with Jeeva bundo three times.

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