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Hi guys it’s jelly right now I’m so excited to be chatting with you today about what exactly is yoga I know that it seems like kind of obvious it’s an exercise of sorts. But it’s a little bit deeper than that. So the word yoga actually means to yoke or to bring together and unify and so yoga is this ancient practice of unifying your breath with your movement. And also being able to yo together your mind with your body so a lot of times our minds are this chaotic thing that can kind of drive us a little bit crazy so when you’re able to calm down your mind by using your breath to bring your movement. And your mind to this really peaceful place it’s this experience of a beautiful unity and. So that’s really what yoga is all about it’s unifying your own self your own person. But it’s also a way of unifying bringing communities together um it’s not a religion it’s a very perfect science based all around the body it’s a beautiful way to prevent and heal diseases it’s a beautiful way to bring wellness into your life on every level it’s a holistic approach to health and wellness um. But then at the heart of yoga is really figuring out with yoga means to you. So It can mean something very different to you know my own yoga teacher.

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But for me in yoga is a way to connect with my authentic self it’s a way to connect with the goodness. And the light that’s within me. So that I can then share that with the world. So I encourage you to take a few moments and decide what you want yogurts mean for you maybe it’s your source of peace and self-care in your day maybe it’s a way to relax after your stressful job it’s going to mean something really different for you than it is for the personal Neoga mat next to you. And it’s probably going to evolve over the course of the years that you practice. So I just encourage you to do a little bit of journaling a little bit of self inquiry and decide what it is yoga means to you. Because it doesn’t really matter what it actually is or what the official term is or what it means in Sanskrit or what they practiced thousands thousands of years ago yes you’ll learn all of that it will be fine. But really what’s going to make a difference is what it means to you and how it speaks to your heart into your soul.

So I wish you all the best on this journey that you’ve started on it’s a very exciting journey. And I’m happy to be a part of it in such a small way good luck in namaste.

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