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Okay let’s get down to business and talk about some rocks. So, if you’re reading this at home I imagine that you want to practice at home in some capacity which I actually highly recommend everyone even, if you love to go to yoga studio I recommend having your own home practice my home practice has transformed my life my very well being. And it’s very hard for me to go through a day without whipping out my yoga mat at home. So I heard you to find a space in your home and make it beautiful make it your little sanctuary where you can go to relax and reflect and to get inspired um so maybe that’s you know specific place in your living room where you know your role or not or maybe you actually have a luxury of setting up a little room for yourself my happens to be kind of in between my kitchen in my dining room. So It feels a little set of heart. But nonetheless it’s great props for working at home like when you’re doing your yoga practice at home I just recommend having minimal crops.

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Because a lot of times you can find things around your house like a little blanket or a pillow elution off of your so for something like that that you can modify I don’t have to go crazy and go buy into the props the most important thing obviously is to find a mat and I recommend by anyone that has a pretty sticky surface, if you’re like me your palms get kind of sweaty or thinking kind of sweaty. And you can kind of slip around um. So that also requires a little bit of an investment. Because usually the better mats are a little bit more expensive. But they’re not gonna have to replace it I when I first started practicing yoga I got a little cheapy yoga mat from target and after going to this like pretty awesome yoga studio in astoria it just like fell apart on me one day and I left of all these little pink speckles on me and I was just like I’m throwing this way I’m getting a new one. So I just encourage you to get a yoga mat that actually works and that has the thickness you might need. So, if you have sensitive knees or sensitive joints you might want to get a little bit of a thicker mat, if that doesn’t bother you at all or, if you’re working on a carpeted surface at home you can get a thinner management problem um I happen to love the lemon mats I think that they’re the best of the biz and tried a ton of them from all different companies and I honestly think the mat from Lululemon that’s what it’s called the mat I think it’s the best one. But you please take a peek a lot of companies are great and let you try them out, if you go into their store or why not.

So that’s that I would say, if you’re looking to practice freely regularly at home and, if you’re going to be reading a lot of my posts that I put out I definitely recommend having some blocks and they’re pretty inexpensive I can see them like 10 bucks. But these are just pretty lightweight full ones I hide in a little bookshelf. And it’s no big deal I will say that people sometimes don’t buy props. Because they’re worried that it means that they’re not good or that it’s a crutch I use blocks all the time and I even practicing yoga for years and years and years it is just a great great tool to support you and getting to the next step so even now there are bones. But I just really really need a block. Because I need to stay upright amending my hand down on the block. So just have at least one block have two blocks it’s just a nice luxury to have you can do a lot of really juicy relax and restorative poses with blocks like hard openers and hip openers and back bends and things that don’t take a lot of effort, if you have props. So I definitely recommend a block or two the final thing that I would recommend you purchasing which is like 12 bucks is a strap it’s just a great way to stretch, if you can’t quite reach your foot you can wrap the stretcher out the strap around your foot and stretch it longer it’s a great way to like work on some extensions to the side um. And you can sit again do a lot of nice restorative poses and things with a strap.

So It’s a really excellent prop to have hanging around the house, if you don’t want to violet I’m sure that you can find something in your house to substitute maybe your husband belt or something like that I don’t know um that’s all I have as far as props, if you have any questions about props please leave me a comment asking question of happy to answer find me on Facebook very active in my community and I’d love to answer any of your questions about no props companies things like that already have an amazing day and go order yourself some props no se you.

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