Yoga For Face Jivha Bandha

Namaskar and David that and welcome to Anand over yoga for fees this set of practices will help you to do and smoothen the skin of your face with regular practices of these arsons and prior naps and koreas will help you to brighten your face and make it look younger it also helps you to erase fine lines and wrinkles Jeeva bundle the done lock a wonderful practice to improve the blood flow towards your throat towards your face. And your brain helps to improve the quality of your skin in your face we normally sitting in cross leg position hands on your knees can also do it.

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And sitting on your chair in this bunda you to first touch the tongue on your upper palate. So the tip of the tongue is touching the root of your upper teeth. And then the turf tongue touches the soft. And the hard palate keeping the tongue intact you slowly start raising the mouth up opening the mouth out. So that the tongue remains intact. So you get a wonderful stretch for your tongue. And the throat then you close the eyes and take your face slightly up this is how you do it first touch the tongue fully create a vacuum type of thing in your mouth. And then open your mouth. And then you feel like coming out just close the mouth feel the difference in your body will slowly open your eyes remember it do this practice alternative Ixia mudra or three times.

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