Yoga for Inflammation

When we’re dealing with inflammation it’s very important to cultivate a quiet practice resting is key we’re activating the relaxation response and that’s the place where we do deep healing one of my favorite poses is the crocodile or frog pose. And we can use yoga bolster or some rolled up blankets or towels. And then we’re supporting the belly on the bolster we’re coming down to the place where the ribs come together the sternum. And the legs can come out. And the arms come together we’re resting our forehead on the forearms the crocodile pose is very soothing for most of us.

Yoga for Inflammation Photo Gallery

Because the belly is being compressed. And the diaphragm is starting to move more in the back parts of the lungs the vagus nerve is also activated. And the forehead is resting which is helping calm and clear the mind you can feel the breaths coming into the back of the kidneys the adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys. So we’re starting to calm the fight/flight aspects of the nervous system as well, if you take this pose for as long as you feel comfortable you may even fall asleep in it I think you’ll really enjoy that it will help with inflammation I’m Debra divine healing yoga.

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