Yoga for Insomnia

One of the most challenging things about dealing with insomnia is the incessant thoughts that keep coming and. So we’re just awake there trying to get to sleep really trying hard now let’s try soft. And we’ll use this wonderful yoga pose Child’s Pose to help us get out of the head and into the body and give us a little bit more space in the mind and hopefully you’ll be able to get a better night’s sleep just come on to your hands and knees. And then maybe you have some rolled-up towels or rolled-up blankets you can use that to support your head I’ll come into this Child’s Pose the seat goes back.

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And then the forehead comes on to the support the arms come out. And we rest. So we’re surrendering the head and allowing the bolster or the towels or the blankets to really have the effect of rising the floor up to meet your forehead so there’s this wonderful release of the brain you start to feel a little bit easier in the breath let the out-breath be complete and pause at the end of the complete out-breath that will help you calm your mind let the in-breath move the ribs out and up feel this telescoping effect maybe you feel your sit bones moving back. And your ribs moving out and up towards your shoulders. And then to come out of the pose you just take your arms. And then use your upper body strength to lift you up.

So, if you’re having trouble sleeping you can try Child’s Pose with a support under the forehead and I hope you have a wonderful night’s sleep I’m Deborah Devine for healing yoga.

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