Yoga for Irritability

A gentle yoga practice is a wonderful way to help us manage irritability over the course of the day we’ll have one thing after another that will be getting on our last nerve. And we’ll just feel agitated throughout the day and maybe we’ll be short with people. Because we’ve not been able to ground that agitation and that anger that’s been coming up. So we use our breathing practice to help us really get clarity in our minds about what’s really on our minds what’s really bothering us. And then we can deal with those situations individually. So that things don’t build to a crescendo we use our complete out breaths and those retentions at the end of the complete out breast to help us create more space.

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So that we can look at what’s really going on. And then those in breasts are giving us inspiration and creativity to help us resolve and solve some of the problems that are causing us to feel irritable in the first place we know in our yoga practice that we are not our feelings for not our thoughts and that at our core our true nature is love and joy and forgiveness let’s come to sitting take a long slow smooth out breath and fill yourself grounding through the sit bones and through the feet and legs let the in breath lift everything on the front line of the spine opening the heart opening the lungs opening the collarbones and let the out-breath draw everything down the back line grounding you through the seat next in bread that comes along let the in breath lift the corners of the mouth see the humor in whatever situation is coming up for you right now and exhale maintain that smile even, if you don’t feel like smiling just turning the corners of your lips up will definitely help improve your boot I’m Deborah divine for healingyoga you.

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