Yoga for Lymph Edema

An important area to keep in mind when we’re dealing with lymphedema is the area around the armpits. And the breast tissue the best way to move lymph in this area is to elevate the chest. So we have a bolster a rolled up blanket or towel supporting the spine knees are bent. And we take the feet a little bit wider toward the outside edges of the mat. So that the lakes can just kind of rest in without any striving or effort release the low back move the hips away from the bottom of the ribs and let the arms come out then cross the right arm over and go into the left armpit. And just palpate a little bit here find out, if there are any areas that feel like they need to have a little bit more TLC. And then take your hand through the armpit and draw all of the tissue toward the center line.

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And then bring that tissue up very gently. And then again grabbing on to the tissue under the armpit drawing it in toward the midline and moving it up you can do this movement about five times on either side and you’ll definitely notice a difference in the lymphatic tissue here you might feel a couple of lumps that might be the lymphatic vessels that are swollen it could be a lymph node that is swollen just work your way very gently through here in and up got to make sure that you’re moving lymphatic fluid and energy all around the breast tissue this is a fourth chakra issue and. So we’re moving our energy all the way through the arms the armpit. And the whole front of the chest I’ve never defined for healingyoga.

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