Yoga for Mobility

When we are facing mobility challenges our yoga practice can be such an amazing grace we are finding that the front line of the body gets collapsed when we can’t move off of our seat so what we want to do is we want to use that as an advantage we want to ground through the sit bones ground through the feet and use this wonderful idea of lifting on the in breath. So that the front of the spine is getting longer and longer then we take the hands behind the bottom part of the back of the head. And you can have your elbows out wider, if that feels comfortable or you can keep your elbows a little bit closer in lifting on the in-breath and lengthening.

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And then exhaling moving the head back toward the back plane while you’re resisting with Vans long slow smooth in-breath long slow smooth and complete out-breath feel all of the discs of the neck puffing up like marshmallows feel that lengthening and opening up happening in the back plane of the body after a few breast cycles you can bring your hands back down. And you feel this beautiful natural sense of being more aligned in your upper back there’s also a wonderful technique of inhaling and lifting the shoulders up. And then letting the head rest back on this bunched up tissue here there’s this lengthening of the neck going on.

And then we begin to let the shoulder blades come down and feel how wonderful that is in clearing some energy around the neck. And the front of the chest you can try that several times and you’ll notice a massive difference in the energy around the upper body I’m Deborah divine for healingyoga.

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