Yoga for Morning Flexibility

Thank you for joining me for a healingyoga webisode on morning flexibility you know you can begin your flexibility routine even before you get out of bed, if you just sit on the side of the bed remove the buttock flesh out of the way.

So that you’re really pressing down through the sit bones and let your feet.

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And your knees be an alignment just pressing your feet down into the ground. And then we’ll just do three very simple moves to help us open up the spine a side Bend take one hand onto the mattress the other hand comes up and over on the in-breath and we’re really getting long and opening up the side ribs we exhale. And come back down inhale on the other side feel the diaphragm starting to stretch out your breasts getting deeper exhale come back then we’ll take a few back bends.

So we’re taking the hands behind us on the bed externally rotating the upper arm. So that we get nice and brought through the collar bones we inhale get nice and long take the gaze up exhale come forward inhale draw the shoulder blades together and move them down the back exhale come back to Center inhale one more time and exhale I hope you enjoy your morning flexibility routine I’m Deborah divine for healing yoga namaste you.

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