Yoga for Muscle Cramps

An important thing to think about when we’re dealing with muscle crabs is to try to get the muscles in the connective tissue limber at all times. So, if we’re dealing with cramps in the calves for instance a wonderful way to tackle that is before you have a cramp to spend time stretching out the plantar fascia the plantar fascia is connected to the Achilles tendon which is connected to the calf muscles and there are layers and layers of muscle and connective tissue here.

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So we spent a few breaths here then we move up the back line of the leg we’re gonna be stretching with a straight leg inhaling exhaling pressing the heel down engaging the quadricep. And then we’re gonna get into the soleus we got into the gas trucks here these bigger guys. And now we’re gonna get down into this other one that lies underneath the gas trucks, if you can keep your foot flat and bend the knee wonderful, if not take your foot on to a blanket a bolster a block and work it that way grounding the feet bending that back knee and pressing the heel back down toward the ground and breathing this will definitely help release a lot of tension in the feet and in the lower legs I’m Debra divider for healing yoga.

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