Yoga for PMS

When we’re dealing with PMS and symptoms of menopause it’s really important to give ourselves permission to lie down and rest that activity. And it is an activity is very helpful for dealing with all of those symptoms that you may be experiencing. So we’re going to use a bolster bring it up to a 30 degree height here using some blocks you can use books use rolled-up blankets.

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And then we protect the low back by coming right up to the shortage of the bolster. And we go to rice bag or a blanket on standby we use the bolster to support the back and create this wonderful opening on the heart and keeping the knees bent we take a rice bag or a blanket. And we put it down near the bottom part of the belly so we’ve got this wait that’s bearing down on the lower part of the pelvis and maybe you’ve got some bloating maybe you’ve got some discomfort and cramping here we’re just going to be letting the weight rest for a few breaths this is a wonderfully grounding practice. And we keep the knees bent. So that all of the prana is coming down into the lower part of the pelvis then after several breath cycles maybe five or ten breath cycles we remove that weight. And then we have this beautiful rush of fresh prana fresh energy and life force moving down into the lower part of the pelvis let yourself breathe deeply down into the lower part of the belly and feel how expansive and poke when you feel I’m gonna divide the killing.

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