Yoga for Posture

When we’re spending a lot of time at our desk we typically feel really crunched in here in the shoulder shelf. So In this webisode we’re going to be stretching things out very quickly you can do this at your desk get the buttock flesh away and let sit on the sit bones then right arm comes up and over. And we tilt the head over into the right arm pressing the head very gently into the hand. And the hand pressing back resisting against the head take the other arm out lengthen the arm.

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And then draw the arm back and down underneath behind the low back long slow smooth in breath long slow smooth and complete out breath. And then come back to Center unravel. And just see how you feel different on each side coming on to the opposite side length in the back of the neck take the head back toward the back plane of the body tilt the head over and create that resistance again this arm comes out stretching all through the shoulder shelf and all through the upper arm muscles.

And then exhale and let that arm come down Bend and feel pressure through the low back press back through the low back and press forward with your forearm at the same time that you’re pressing the hand into the head. And the head into the hand this is a very quick way to release a lot of tension in the head and neck. And the shoulders I’m Deborah divine for healingyoga you.

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