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Contraindications: Colostomy, hamstring spasm or sprain. Props: Yoga joint A yoga mat and optional blanket and belt. Avoiding pitfalls: Keep the straight leg firm Yoga joint and press the back of the knee down. Move the upper body forward more than down. Bend forward from the hips as symmetrically as possible. Aim the navel toward the inner thigh of the straight leg. Sit with your legs outstretched on the floor in front of you, with a folded blanket placed under your hips to make the forward tilt of the pelvis easier. Bend your right knee out to the side and place your right foot against the inside edge of your left upper thigh.

I agree with Orientalists like F. Heiler and G. Oberhammer in saying that there was initially a common substratum or root of the all Ways of Liberations. This fluid substratum at the margins of society probably consisted of a plethora of nascent rivalling ascetic and intellectual cults. They subscribed to embryonic Axial Age wisdom discourses loaded with new signs like karma and moksha.

Spurred by the forces of the civilising process of the Axial Age, this energised substratum condensed into a new cultural field. A cultural field is an energy field – a power field as for instance a magnetic field. The specialists (the elements) within the field become charged with the energy and powers of the field. The specialists, charged by their field, accumulate cultural resources: power/capital. This capital further enables the specialists to become professionals: they transact their cultural capital with the surrounding society. I baptise this new cultural field, where yoga became a sub-system, the cultural field of liberation.

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