Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra doesn’t involve any Downward Dogs or Warrior poses. Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness. Specifically, it is that state that exists between waking and sleeping. Yoga Nidra leaves in its wake the restoration of both mental and physical strength. When practiced over time, it illuminates where we are holding tension and helps us release the tension naturally, even when we’re not practicing Yoga Nidra.

The objective of Yoga Nidra is to relax with awareness gently, subtly, and consciously relaxing

the body and mind. It is natural to be distracted by random thoughts during this practice. Do not try to curb them Allow them to come and go without judgment. Tell yourself that you will not fall asleep while doing this practice. If you do fall asleep, that’s okay, but the idea is to get to a place where you are in between the waking and sleeping states. With frequent practice you will be able to achieve this state.

Before beginning your practice, set an intention. This should be whatever it is your heart desires, stated in the present tense. Repeat this statement to yourself three times. It is like planting a seed in the soil of you that will continue to grow even in your waking state. You will find that during your waking state, this statement will spontaneously appear in your mind and it is always a pleasant and uplifting surprise.

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Once you have finished setting your intention, in your comfortable and relaxed position either lying on a yoga mat or on your bed, allow your bones and muscles to sink deeply into the earth. Close your eyes and release yourself, let everything go. You are about to embark on a full body scan.

Take a few slow, deep, relaxed breaths. Notice the sounds in the distance and now bring your attention to the sounds in the space where you are, and then bring your attention back to your breath.

When you are ready, gently take your attention to your right foot. Do not concentrate or focus on what a foot is, touch it, or move it, just simply and gently bring your attention to your foot and acknowledge it. Gently move your attention up to your right knee, right thigh, and hip. Become aware of your whole right leg. Repeat this process for your left leg.

Next, move your attention up through your genitals, belly, and chest. Take your attention to your right shoulder and right arm, palms, and fingers, then repeat this on your left shoulder and left arm, throat, face, and, finally, the top of your head.

Take a deep breath in, repeat your intention, and observe the sensations in your body, and relax in this still state for several minutes. Now, slowly becoming aware of your body and surroundings, the sounds in the room, the sounds in the larger distance, turn to whichever side feels natural and stay lying down for a few more minutes. Rolling over to your right side makes the breath flow through your left nostril, which helps cool the body, and rolling onto your left side makes the breath flow through your right nostril, which is warming. Your body will naturally know if it needs to be cooled or warmed. Taking your time, slowly sit up, and whenever you feel comfortable, slowly and gradually open your eyes. Take note of how deeply and utterly relaxed and at peace you feel.

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