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Your head should be back on ball. Open your arms Yoga poses 2 person wide with slightly bent elbows. Raise and close your arms, palms face in. Then Yoga poses 2 person return to start. Do this 10-12 times. 7 Supine Moves with the Ball These abdominal exercises are favorites of my clients. The ball is so effective as a prop for ab work because of its shape and surface. The ball contours to your spine so you have an easier time maintaining your form when exercising on your own than if you were on the floor.

We are here witnessing a traditional display of Indian theistic wisdom-salvation discourse. Tantraloka is fundamentally the rhetoric of a rational – and yet mystical – wisdom discourse, claiming to possess access to the truth of truth’ (god), this time by the means of new ecstatic-symbolic technologies related to Sakti. Through the grace of god the worshipper became increasingly god-like’ as his consciousness became ecstatically divine. The final release could happen in this life turning the person into a jivan-mukti. Release was no longer an after-death event, as it was in Krishna’s yoga in the Gita.

Is there such thing as Tantric yoga?

It is no surprise that this discourse became very popular in Saivite elite and high caste circles (White 1996), especially among kings and local aristocrats. These aestheticised symbolic rituals – their anti-nominal sexual character had been muted – became a part of court life and temples. The Saivite householder had been enriched with new powerful Tantric rituals without having to give up old ideological positions regarding salvation. The Saivite urban elite, the king and the feudal landlord could now step forward into the world and claim with conviction that he was Siva – a liberated being.

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