Yoga poses before bed

A popular Hindu myth tells of this moment in time. Yoga poses before bed Eons ago, Brahman, who Hindus believe is the unseen yet powerful force behind all creation Yoga poses before bed , assumed the form of Brahma, the god of creation. Brahma then re-created the five basic elements that existed within his own form to create the universe and all existence. Lord Brahma created each of the elements, one by one from simple to complex, from light to heavy. First, Brahma created space or ether; then Brahma created air, which can’t exist without space; next came fire, which can’t exist without space and air; next came water; and finally, earth. Vastu assigns a specific area in every space to each one of the five basic elements. By paying attention to these locations when we design and organize our home, we honor these elements, which are at the heart of all creation. They exist within the human body, they exist in all of nature, they exist in every single thing in the Cosmos.

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