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We can think of the guardian deities as restraining the hands Yoga poses bridge and feet of Vastu Purusha; while Brahma, the lord of creation, is holding down Yoga poses bridge the spirit’s navel, which plays such a vital role in creation. The Vedic theory that claims there is nothing random in the universe holds true in Vastu. There is nothing random about the placement of the guardian deities and the five basic elements on the vastu purusha mandala and within our home. The rhythms at work in the universe the cycles that play out day after day as the earth travels around the sun govern their placement. And if we organize our home so that we can maintain a state of harmony with these all-important rhythms, our home can increase our well-being and contribute to our good health. The element of water and its deity, Isa who later became known as Shiva, who is considered the Mahadeva or Great God and the god of yogis, reside in the northeast. The northeast receives the healthiest rays of the sun, which come as the sun rises slowly in the east, which some believe is the primary direction. The magnetic pull of the earth comes from the north.

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