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We fill our days with commitments and obligations to others, Yoga poses goddess but often forget to think about ourselves. What about me? Focusing on the self may Yoga poses goddess sound selfish or egocentric when, in truth, it can at times be one of the most generous things one can do for others. As we come to a deeper understanding of the self and our own actions, we are more likely to understand those of others. And in doing so, we are brought together in purpose and spirit, which ultimately defines the human condition. An example of this within my own journey was when I decided to quit smoking. Only after making a serious commitment to myself was I able to make a serious commitment to quitting. I experienced firsthand the magnitude of my actions and how far-reaching they were, in that they not only affected me but those around me, as well. Almost immediately, my health and sense of well-being improved, which in turn allowed me to enjoy a greater quality of my life and my relationships.

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