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Most of all, yoga brings you back to the present Yoga poses named after plants , time and time again. If you are breathing correctly and following the breath in your Yoga poses named after plants postures with each inhalation and exhalation, you will find yourself present. Being is presence. There is a well-known book, Be Here Now by Ram Dass, whose title is a reminder that all we truly have are the moments that we are in. Not much else is as relevant. Sure, our families and people matter, but without our true presence, we are of little use to anyone else. And, if each moment is carefully considered, the past and future will bring less worry back our way today. We all know that worrying doesn’t solve anything.

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In one passage there is a more detailed description of the yoga method or process. This version again seems rather different. It introduces notions of the subtle body’ and mudras’, which are both traditionally part of much later Tantric discourse. So here pranayama, inner silent Om chanting, meditation and mudra are combined. The result is the attainment of ultimate unity:

There is an artery, called the Sushumna, leading upwards, conveying the breath, piercing through the palate. Through it, by joining (Vyuj) the breath, the syllable Om, and the mind, one may go aloft. By causing the tip of the tongue to turn back against the palate and by binding together (sam-yojya) the senses, one may, as greatness, perceive greatness.’ Thence he goes to selflessness.

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