Yoga poses for one person

This asana is dedicated to Matsya, the fish incarnation of Yoga poses for one person the Hindu god Vishnu, a supreme deity and maintainer of the universe. In this pose Yoga poses for one person, the chest and the head become the high- completely expanded Yoga poses for one person , facilitating breathing, est parts as the body, lying on the floor, forms The Yoga poses for one person neck is well stretched, and results in the an arch from the waist to the neck. The front stimulation of the thyroid. Matsyasana also of the body is fully extended and the chest emphasizes the elasticity of the pelvic region. Bal asana child’s pose This pose, both physically and psychologically, represents a memory of ourselves as infants.

Although it is physically less challenging than other poses, it forces the practitioner to confront a different challenge: to adopt a state of non-doing and to patiently surrender to gravity. The shape of Balasana requires the practitioner to breathe from somewhere other than the front of the lungs, which we are used to, by compressing the rib cage and abdomen against the thighs. Through this pose, we realize a different origin of our breath and begin to really tune in to a deeper, steadier breath.

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