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If your legs begin to move, this indicates your pelvis Yoga poses step by step is also moving, which compromises spinal length. Begin with a small twist, but use Yoga poses step by step intense concentration for lifting. Use your breathing to keep length in your spine and to recruit your obliques. 4 Standing and Side Lying Moves Standing exercises improve balance and coordination, as well as help you break a sweat and get your entire body in shape. I developed a lot of these moves as a way to add circular motions to exercises we do with our joints that can rotate.

We tend to move in a linear fashion, treating ball and socket joints as hinges, but the ball is a perfect tool to explore the possibilities and abilities of our muscles and joints. Some of these exercises reflect that thought process; some are just plain fun, but they are all completely effective and easy to learn. Enjoy! 8 BEGINNER Standing Lat Stretch BENEFITS: Counteracts the rounding of the back that can occur when you sit in front of a computer or at the steering wheel for too long.

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