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Underlying the urban High Tantra discourse was the Chinese concept that micro-cosmos corresponds with macro-cosmos: in every tiny part of the universe you will see reflections of the totality – in Tantra the total’ being the universal divine principle’273. Most of the Tantric practice – sadhana – reflected this new ontology. In Western terms sadhana was often aimed at generating a state of trance – ASC. We would typically use terms like: physical and emotional ecstasy; possession; overload of sense input; or the numbing of mind. Other techniques were geared towards the mortification of the body/mind system. Here follows a short introduction to the new ASC generating techniques.

The mandala as a Tantric sign probably has its origin in Buddhist discourse. Buddhism refined the practice of using mandalas – sometimes also calledyantras – as a new method to achieve the new Tantric goal of Buddha-hood. Mandalas were visual diagrams seen as an energy map or grid of the universe. The lines in the diagrams (see figure below) represented human and divine energy pulses: an energy map of the human and divine world. By continuously watching a mandala one will receive the god’s eye view of everything, experience the world as god does. The practitioner was supposed to watch the diagram for hours until totally absorbed by it. At that stage – of deep trance – one will see one’s own Buddha-hood at the centre – one’s divine nature.

How will this bring you to enlightenment? Well, if Yoga poses for weight loss at home you can remain calm and centered while the world is swirling around you or your body is Yoga poses for weight loss at home in a funky pose then you have a reached a higher level of consciousness. But if you can’t, don’t worry! Remember, there is no judgment in yoga. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what position your body ends up in. What’s important is that your breath is calm and that your mind is rested. If you find yourself getting tense, try to relax more than trying to fix your body. 95 BEGINNER Oblique Saw on Ball BENEFITS: The saw strengthens your lower back muscles and improves your posture. The spinal twist is also a great relief to sore backs. Lie on your back on the ball, slightly inclined, with your knees and hips aligned, one hand behind your head.

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