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Bones are held together at the joints by strong, inelastic Yoga poses for weight loss stress reduction bands of tissue, called ligaments, that help keep the joint aligned. Tough cords of Yoga poses for weight loss stress reduction tissue, the tendons, connect muscle to bone. Muscles work in opposing pairs to bend and straighten joints. While muscles are not technically part of a joint, they are important because strong muscles help support and protect joints and cause bones to move. Outside the joints, fluid-filled sacs called bursae cushion and safely separate the bones and tendons around the joints, enabling them to move smoothly and freely. What Goes Wrong in Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis can be the result of so many different factors that it might often appear to have no identifiable cause. In a way, that is what people mean when they say it is due to wear and tear.They mean that just living will lead to osteoarthritis.

The ashtanga module overlaps with both kriya-yoga and nirodha-yoga as the YS now (actually for the third time) teaches eight techniques or elements of yoga. There is an overlap because many of the ashtanga techniques have common characteristics with the techniques already instructed. It should further be noted that this module on ashtanga is in same chapter as the kriya-yoga instructions. Might this be significant? Is ashtanga thought to add something specific to kriya-yoga? Even before studying the ashtanga module, there emerges a range of issues. Why was the ashtanga module added? Was it added because of its impressive and detailed descriptions of the elements of release? Why was neither kriya-yoga nor nirodha-yoga, seen as sufficient in their descriptions?

The eight elements or limbs – ashtanga – of yoga can be grouped into three. The first group, consisting of two elements – yama and niyama -, is about the attitude of the student. These two elements are typical ascetic regulations not specific to yoga techniques. Before any meditation the mind and body of the student needs to be in a certain condition.

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