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The upper classes often geared Tantra to quick release and salvation. Their High Tantra (upper caste) discourse – like early Buddhism – claimed that liberation could happen in this life. They termed it siddhi (the perfected one) or jivan-mukti (living liberated/ However, two pre-conditions were often deemed necessary: the practitioner needed to be initiated by a guru and liberation would only take place with the final grace of god. The power of self-effort was simultaneously strong limited in the Tantric discourse.

The locus of Tantric liberation and immortality was slowly mapped out and attained a name as the divine subtle body. This was a divine energy body configuring the physical body-mind system. It was a metaphysical system of channels, veins, fluids, winds, centres (chakras), and deities. Tantric sadhana (practice) aimed at in various ways to manipulate the divinesubtle body by meditations, visualisations, mandalas, movements, gestures, rituals, mantras and so on. Even antinomian techniques breaking all Brahmin taboos were applied – the use of wine, meat, and sex.

Cross one arm and hand to the outside of the opposite Yoga poses for weight loss in a week leg. Slide your hand initiating very specifically from your arm, not your waist up the Yoga poses for weight loss in a week outside of your thigh, keeping your hips even and your rib cage pulling in opposition away from the motion of your arm. Lean forward with your whole torso. Return back to the starting position. Change to your other arm Do 2 times on each side, working your way up to 5 times. 96 ADVANCED Teaser on Floor Lie on your back with your heels on the ball, arms extended overhead, and knees bent. Roll the ball out as you straighten your legs and come to a sitting position, keeping your abs contracted, back long, and shoulders down. 97 YOGA Cat Stretch Roll the ball forward, extending your spine into an arch.

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