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Namaskar I’m david at and welcome to one in the world pranayama crown is your breath or vital force and I am has various meanings to control to pause to lengthen so prana is just controlled breathing in hot apathy. Because it is written tilly wat a chillum system initially initially methane which means when your breath wanders your mind is unstable. And when you breath is steady your mind is calm this is the basic benefit of plan I’m apart from this problem gives you a lot of benefits it increases the oxygen level in your body it improves the functions of the organs the functions of your systems and many many more benefits just practice it and feel the difference sri avedon prana in gear in decimeter it is stated that this prana I am awakens the Kundalini Shakthi.

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And also increases the heat in your body to do this practice you’re sitting comfortably in cross leg position are the bug mrsa not. But massive would the palms our knees back is right close your eyes with the right hand you have the humble mudra now the inhalation has to be from the right. So you close your eyes first apply the jalandhar bunder Danis law close the left nostril and start inhaling through right. And you’re inhaling your shoulders go up first. And then the just starts expanding after complete inhalation close both the nostril apply the gel under under the chin locked then the hoodie under the diaphragm lock and hold maintain as per your capacity after maintaining you release the jalandhar when the first the Orion mundo. And the mula bandha still on open the left nostril and start exhaling through left in such a way that first the chest goes down. And then finally the shoulders. And then release drop the hands down. And then release them will bind them this is one round of silhouette and brown line with practice try to have the ratio of one is 24 is 22 that is, if you take one count of inhalation maintain for full count.

And then exhale for two counts this practice should be done particularly in the cool weather. So that your body heat is maintained a wonderful practice for people suffering from obesity people suffering from diabetes and other abdominal organs related problem you.

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