Yoga Pranayama For Flexibility

Namaskar and david at and welcome to anand yoga pranayama brown is your breath or vital force and I am has various meanings to control to pause to lengthen soprano is just controlled breathing in hot apathy. Because it is written tell me wat hlm took them literally in his column of a thing which means when your breath one does your mind is unstable. And we will Brett this steady your mind is calm this is the basic benefit of pranayama apart from this problem gives you a lot of benefits it increases the oxygen level in your body it improves the functions of the organs the functions of your systems and many many more benefits just practice it and feel the difference sheath cory branan before doing this from. And you should learn so herd the Sheep carry prana.

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And then tried the spur on it in this plan. And the inundation is always through mouth and exhalation is through nose when you’re inhaling your upper teeth. And your lower teeth are touching each other. And your tip of the tongue is closer to the teeth. And then you start inhaling through the mouth then you have the comb back. And then when you want to exceed you release the comb back and start exhaling through the nose. So the inhalation is through mouth exhalation is through nose we’re sitting in cross leg position are the pad mass not padm Asana both the pass on the knees back is direct close your eyes first apply the mula bandha the ants lock now keep both the TD upper teeth. And the lower teeth touching each other spread your lips wide.

And slowly start inhaling through the mouth after complete inhalation close the mouth have the jalandhar bunda the chin lock the odeon bundle the diaphragm lock old ask for your capacity then when you feel like coming out first releases a lander when the newbie unbundle still on start exhaling through the nose the mood when they still on after complete exhalation again spread the lips wide start inhaling through the mouth when you’re inhaling you is the full lung capacity Bruce Lamar to the jalandhar mundo to DVD unbundle when you’re inhaling the shoulders go up.

And then the chest X parts. And you exceed the chest first contracts then the shoulders go down please jalandhar when the start exhaling through the nose Julian when they get released automatically the mula bandha is still on. And then finally released in we bundle. And just experience the difference it immediately cools down your body it’s wonderful practice to be done during the summer season and, if you feel thirsty and, if you don’t have water with you then of course to this prana and feel the difference you.

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