Yoga Pranayama For OLDAGE

Namaskar I am livid at welcome to Pan and Yoga Yoga for old age this course especially designed for old age people who are not done exercising before or any yoga before it is designed keeping in mind the limitations of this age as well as the need of this age is tired and feel the difference sauce Brannon a very simple. But highly effective prana to do this prana you’re sitting in cross leg position on the ground or on your bed or you can also sit on the chair with the legs down see that your back is erect now you close the eyes drop the head down.

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And start inhaling through nose after complete inhalation again take the head back to starting position and start exhaling through mouth this is one round after complete exhalation again drop the head down and start inhaling through nose in this prana. And the inhalation is always who knows with the head down an exhalation is always through mouth with the face facing straight see that you’re not inhaling or exhaling while you are having the movement of your head it’s only when you go to the final position that is the head is down you start inhaling.

And it’s only when you come to the final position of face up straight you start exhaling the movement of the head. And this paradigm helps you to control the blood pressure. And the pattern of the breathing helps you to relax the mind. And your heart instead then about four or five times this relax can go for 10 to 15 rounds of this pranayama which regular practice you.

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