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From students’ reports and photos of youngsters lined up in military style, we understand that the training was conducted in the almost military disciplined style of the time. Students were taught to endure pain. Techniques used by wrestlers to build up more flexibility were employed. The poses were not just static poses but were contained in a series of strength exercises similar to western push-ups. The exercises were combined with special breathing techniques (pranayama) and muscle group contractions (bandha). Singleton (2010) shows how this combination of breath, movements and poses to a large extent derives from an influential Danish vigorous gymnastic form developed by Niels Bukh in the first decades of the 20 century called Primary Gymnastics. As Singleton (2010) says:

At least twenty-eight of these exercises in the first edition of Bukh’s manual are strikingly similar (often identical) to yoga postures occurring in Pattabhi Jois’s Ashtanga sequence or in Iyengar’s Light on yoga (1966). Bukh’s system was known for emphasizing continuity of movement, rhythmic exercise, and intensive stretching to seek elasticity, flexibility, and freedom, according to Singleton. This is also a fair description of vinyasa based yoga. Krishnamacharya probably got the exercises from a visit to Swami Kuvalayananda, who also taught the exercises of Bukh under the name asana.

Bring the back leg forward to change sides. Purpose: Yoga quest tulsa To stretch the abductors and iliotibial band. Contraindication: Ischial bursitis. Props: A mat Yoga quest tulsa and one or two folded blankets. Avoiding pitfalls: Use blankets under your hips to help you sit up straight with your pelvis vertical, not sloping back. Place the folded blankets on the mat, with one corner pointing forward. Sit on the front corner of the blankets as shown: left knee pointing forward, right knee up. Grasp your right leg with both hands and cross it over the left.

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