Yoga Techniques For High Blood Pressure

Namaskar I’m David Earth and welcome to Anand / yoga for high blood pressure high blood pressure is a condition wherein your blood pressure is always higher than the normal required in your body this condition is also known as hypertension there are various reasons that you can have high blood pressure it might be. Because of your age it might be. Because of the overweight it might also be. Because of malfunctioning of your glands endocrine glands are also. Because of kidney not functioning properly. And the most common reason is.

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Because of the stress tension. And the strain that you go through in day to day life yoga can help you reduce your blood pressure. And then get back to normal by improving the health of your heart. And the other organs in your body it it also help you to stay calm and relaxed physically as well as mentally just try this set of arsons and feel the difference in your body as well as in your preparation sahaja prana this is a modern DRAM which helps you to control your blood pressure it also helps you to calm down your mind in this problem the inhalation is happening through your nose. But the exhalation happens through your mouth also there is a head movement while you do the breathing so first the head is down the chin is down when you inhale through nose then eating the head up.

And start exhaling to mark both your inhalation as well as your exhalation is very slow and with control you take comfortable cross leg position hands on your knees can also have both mass and orthopod mass and, if you want. So you can also do it just on sitting on your chair close your eyes take the head down just very comfortable position don’t push it too much down. And then start inhaling through nose very slowly taking maximum air in after taking maximum air in you take the head back the face in front and start exhaling through mouth let it be very slow and complete exhalation this is one round of sahaja Bryan then again after exhalation you take the head down and start inhaling through nose after inhalation take the head up and exhale through mouth very slow and complete last time see that you’re not inhaling or exhaling while you’re moving the head. But only when you go down you inhale and only when you come up you exhale after exhalation you can stop. And just feel the effect of this prawn I am on your body. And your mind the movement of the head helps you to control your blood pressure. And the breathing helps you to calm down your mind can start off with 10 rounds and slowly slowly build it up up to 50 rounds.

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