Yoga to Calm your Brain and Heart with Props

Namaskar I am David at and welcome to Anand over yoga with props yoga props includes any object which will help you to stretch the balance to increase the maintaining capacity and to improve the overall awesome yoga props include chairs bricks blankets mats wall support table support and many more you can form your own course from the set of the arsons that I am showing you a demo career arson in this post you are using the blanket.

Yoga to Calm your Brain and Heart with Props Photo Gallery

And the bolster as a prop to go in this arson so sitting in veer arson with the support of the blanket under your butter. So that your knees. And your anchors don’t feel much pressure now keep both the hands on the ground and slide it slightly forward and rest the forehead on the bolster close your eyes. And enjoy this wonderful awesome a very relaxing awesome helps you calm down your mind helps you to calm down your brain your heart just keep breathing with your eyes closed reduce the stress reduce the depression this relieves the depression be there as long as you can it’s very relaxing arson. And you can be there in two minutes three minutes or even more, if you want to increase the more support and take the head slightly up and take the bolster closer. And just rest the head on it. So you’re just fully relaxing on the bolster.

And then when you feel like coming out you open your eyes take the head up sliding the hands back go and sit in veer awesome. And just feel the difference in your body and my very relaxed and calm state of body and mind you.

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