Yoga To CURE Digestive Disorders

I’m a scarf I am David Earth welcome to Anand yoga yoga techniques for digestive problems sheersh- Asana sheersh- Asana is known as the king of the awesome for the various benefits it provides to go insertion you sit on the tools and on the heats then interlock the fingers and place the forearms on the ground this distance between the elbows then take the chin in. And then rest the crown of the head on the ground supported with the bombs then from here slowly just straighten the legs by raising the knees up this is the first position of sheersh- Asana then shift the weight towards the head come on the tip of the toes.

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And start walking towards the head once you feel that there is lightness in the legs automatically the legs will get lifted up the heels will come closer to your body then raise the legs in such a way that the thighs become parallel to the graph. And then thighs become perpendicular to the ground.

And then just straighten the legs the inverted position that you are in helps you are hard to relax search arson energizes the whole system in your body once the whole system works properly your body will be free of any disease once you feel comfortable just enjoy this arson. And when you feel like coming out to come out exactly in the reverse manner so first drop the heels down and slowly start bringing the knees closer to the body then drop the toes on the ground move back the feet drop the knees on the ground then remember don’t immediately take the head up you slowly relax the toes. And just rest the forehead on the ground with the hands in front allow the breathing allow the blood circulation to settle down and after about five to six breaths or more, if you want then slowly set up and feel the difference in the Modi.

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