Amazing Yoga Poses

Amazing Yoga Poses

I woke up confused. I slowly accepted the fact that there was nothing I could do. I had just started dating other women myself and I had to accept the fact she had her own new life now.

It was an eye-opener for me, but it allowed me to accept all the experiences and clandestine lessons I was being put through. My wife’s marriage in the afterlife is the Union process that we all will have to commit to in order to have a tranquil life in the world of the formless.

My first wife Charlotte was a devout Catholic, raised and educated as myself within the Catholic system So I found it very interesting that it took two years for the initial thought of marriage and then another six months for the marriage to take place. That was the second time I heard her. It was only for a few seconds, but evident through her words of praise and glory, as if she was writing or reading a glorious poem singing of love and happiness. The words were so eloquent and beautiful in structure

I could never be that creative or poetic.

So this is where Backdoor Yoga comes in as a guide to coming into contact with your own Soul, and your own Soul will guide you through the process of returning home again. This is what the Game is all about: you are born, and you slowly realize you are God, or Non-Being, and start appreciating who you are and accepting yourself as God, with total love of the Self. You return home without Nature because there is no need for Nature.

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