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I can remember arguing with one of my sisters, who was pregnant at the time, encouraging her to think more positively, because I so truly believed that our states of mind could either uplift or bring down his own state, and thus determine the outcome of his circumstances. Ultimately, the treatment for his cancer triggered other weaknesses in his system and he soon ended up in the cancer ward of a Catholic hospital in San Francisco for his final days.Anahatasana Pose Yoga At the time, hospice was too frightening a concept for us, and his pain too acute to discuss openly amongst ourselves.Anahatasana Pose Yoga I had been lucky enough to visit him in that last week, and had experienced his living conditions well enough to know that things had taken a turn for the worse.

He was unable to stand on his own, or do much of anything else for himself, so my mom and I together prepared his meals and delivered him to the numerous appointments that would be his last of any kind. You always notice the look on the faces of various caretakers when all hope has been abandoned. A kind nurse taught me a final trick to carry a weakened giant when need be: Cut open one large garbage bag and have the sick person sit upon it in order to drag him across the hall or room when necessary. That day was the only day I was able to practice this new task, but I will be forever grateful to that kind woman who seemed to know my father’s fate.

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