Animal Yoga Poses For Toddlers

Animal Yoga Poses For Toddlers

Beliefs are anything you believe in, and it doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong, or just some dumb ass idea that you have. If you believe something with all your heart there is a good chance you are going to create it.

Beliefs constitute an arena for Creation. If you believe you are hungry, there is a good chance that you are hungry. If your penis is erect or your vagina is tingling, that’s a good indication you are sexually aroused. These examples appear to seem foolish but they are practical and they are all a part of human nature.

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Except, Nature and those beliefs concerning Nature are beliefs that were impregnated in your mind when you were born, along with many more beliefs that qualify you as a human being. In some respects these natural instincts cause many problems in life but also give much enjoyment in a world of need. We are always looking elsewhere for comfort because of our desires or our need for help and guidance. Whether it is food or love, we are constantly in search of attention and something out there to make us whole.

This Game comes into play through different courses of action. Prior to being born we agree to come into this world in all its glory. Once as a male, once as a female, and once as other. The big problem is that we agree to forget everything we knew of our life in the world of the formless to truly enjoy and experience a world of adventure.

Coming back as different genders allows us to experience the full value of a physical life in a physical world. Especially experiencing a gay lifestyle in a world of questionable tolerances in modern-day society.

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