Baddha Konasana Pose

Baddha Konasana Pose

Start by sitt’ng on the floor with both of your legs stretched out straight out in front of you. Bend the left knee out to the left, pulling your foot up towards your body with the leg turned out and the sole of your foot facing towards your right leg. Do the same with the right leg, bending the knee out to the right. Your feet should now be meeting. Make sure that your feet are matched up, heel to heel and little toe to little toe, and that the soles of both feet are facing up. You may need to use your hands to manipulate your feet into this position.

When you have your feet tucked right up close to your body, place your left thumb on the base of the big toe of your left foot, and your right thumb on the base of the big toe of your right foot, and grab hold of your feet. Pull in your belly and, keeping your spine straight, exhale as you lower your chest towards the floor. Keep your head facing up and aim to place your chin on the floor.

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