Best Yoga Pose

Best Yoga Pose

I insisted that we go and speak with the Electricity Company and ask them what they wanted from the Contractor. They started off by being scathing in their criticism but then after the hot air we got down to meaningful discussions. One area they were not happy about was the format of the documents; they did not understand them and were partly rejecting them on this basis.

I asked what would be acceptable, what format did they want the claim to take, what would be helpful to them?

They bombarded us with ideas. They got out other claim documents they had received where they understood the format and found this acceptable. I took notes.

We prepared a dummy claim document for one of the substations and gave it to the Electricity Company for review of the format. We went to another meeting and there were only a couple of minor alterations required.

I therefore set about preparing the claims with the valuable assistance of key members of the Contractor’s staff. We submitted the first substation document for real to the Electricity Company by courier.

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