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Sometimes at night, when I’m trying to sleep. 1 transport myself back to the time I spent at Finca De Vida. It’s etched in my mind as the ultimate paradise and where I wish I could be again instantly. I spent 10 blissful and unforgettable days that are never too far from my thoughts. Normally holidays come and go, but memories like these are kept so vivid, simply because you want to hold onto them.

Not too far from San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital is Finca De Vida, which means Farm of Life’. This must visit place is owned and run by Brian and Jody Calvi. who both suffered severe health problems without any help from the medical industry. They regained their health through the Living Foods diet, and after having great success with this lifestyle they embarked on developing a retreat to help those that did not have a lot of spare cash to learn about healing naturally.

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Word of mouth is now traveling at light speed about wonderful times spent there and people of all ages are flocking to visit the Farm of Life. You’ll find many YouTube videos with people sharing their incredible stories about the transformations they experienced, and what they were able to overcome illness wise. Trip advisor has Finca De Vida listed with glowing reviews that are never less than fantastic.

My home for 10 memorable days was a gorgeous hardwood villa, decked out with ‘rustic luxury’ style elements. Beds are extremely comfortable. There are overhead fans, plush organic towels, beautiful private bathrooms of which some are outdoors. Each cabin has a deck that makes it perfect to just sit, watch and listen to the monkeys, insects and birds deep below in the jungle and enjoy the sweeping valley and ocean views.

Guests either visit to enjoy staying somewhere beautiful to discover all that Costa Rica has to offer, or to get serious about their health. Many visit for a month at a time, which can involve detoxing with a raw food diet, short water or green juice fasts and healing body mind and spirit.

All guests are encouraged to drink the farm’s pure spring water, get plenty of rest, walk barefoot to re-connect with the earth, take regular exercise, eat an abundance of raw fruits and vegetables (all organic, seasonal, local or grown on the property) and have regular safe sun exposure.

Days begin at sunrise with ‘sun gazing’ in one of the farms specially created vortexes. After spending time with Brian, an avid practitioner of this technique, which was originally practised by the Ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Indians. His intense energy, clarity of mind and powerful and inspiring personality definitely makes you think that there may just be something in this unusual activity.

After, guests walk up to the Yoga Platform, which is positioned on the highest point of the farm with a magical view that is truly unforgettable. Some guests say this is the best part of the retreat, being so high up, on this open space feels like you’re on top of the world, experiencing pure bliss, peace and happiness.

Yoga is a huge part of Finca De Vida’s ethos and Jody recently became a Taoflow yoga instructor. Taoflow is a self-healing, energy-cultivation practice involving the synthesis of Qigong and yoga. Brian practices Yin yoga and invites guests to join him. Yoga retreats are offered throughout the year and many well-known yoga instructors are bringing their guests to Farm of Life to hold 10 day long retreats.

Food is of course, a huge and important part of life at Finca De Vida. Most of the food is organic and grown on the property, and quite easily may be the best food you have ever tasted. A homegrown mango or banana is like a piece of heaven, and new and exotic fruits such as the biriba and nispero will leave you wanting an endless supply. You can either make your own meals, or for an extra fee. order off a gourmet vegan/vegetarian/raw menu prepared by the farm’s chef.

You can have massages, colonics and Brian is also a Reiki Master, offering guests a transformative healing session Activities nearby include: zip lining, walks to beautiful waterfalls, horse riding through the mountain side, beach action, diving, snorkelling, surfing lessons and trips to the local farmers’ market.

Retreats such as this are often incredibly expensive and can be just a pipe dream for most. Farm of Life offers the least expensive prices we’ve come across in all of UK, Europe and the USA. For a very affordable price you get luxury accommodations, all you can eat organic fruits, veggies and greens, health advice, guidance and support, all in a very loving and friendly environment. Retreats like this for a whole month could normally cost you at least £3000.

In this day of economic crisis, where companies are taking advantage of people, it’s wonderful to discover a place like The Farm Of Life where the emphasis is on helping people to achieve health and happiness and all with a very low price tag. Prices start at $60 per night, per room, including all you can eat organic fruits, veggies and greens.

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