Who Can Do Restorative Yoga?

Who Can Do Restorative Yoga?

Everyone can benefit from restorative yoga—these days we all need to reduce our stress levels. Fortunately, it’s such an accessible practice literally anyone can do it, regardless of conditioning, age, or injuries. Take my former student Jeremy, for example. When we met, Jeremy, a lifelong runner, had recently undergone a hip replacement surgery. He had never stretched a day in his life and now, in his late 60s, he was experiencing pain and significant restriction in his range of motion.

He was ready to invite more balance into his life, but the thought of stepping into a traditional yoga class terrified him. With encouragement from his friends and family, he finally agreed to try restorative yoga. Much to his amazement, he was able to move through an entire sequence, simply adding more blankets for support whenever he felt any discomfort. As time went by, his pain subsided and his mobility improved.

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Another student, Carla, came to me seeking stress relief during a “surprise” pregnancy. She already had three young children at home and was more than a little overwhelmed at the prospect of welcoming another. Using pregnancy modifications, restorative yoga proved ideal for her during those stressful times and allowed her, as the primary caregiver in her family, to feel cared for and nurtured. Restorative yoga can benefit anyone, but stories like these show its accessibility makes it particularly ideal for:

• Anyone with extreme stress • Beginners • People dealing with illness • People with disabilities • People with injuries • Pregnant women • Seniors

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