Can I take the rickshaw back home or is it risky for the early foetus?

Darling, you can even take the parachute home. Hormonally, you are changing, priming actually, and unless you have been specifically asked to be on bed rest, you are good to go in a rickshaw. Pregnancy is the one time when the body’s endurance abilities jump almost to an unnatural level, giving pregnant women an edge over non-pregnant women. This was a big scandal in the 1980s and the USA Olympic Committee even has a ban on what is called ‘abortion doping’. It’s the practice where female athletes get pregnant just before the games to exploit the physiological advantages that come with it. The increase in the red blood cells levels of the body, for example. The oxygen-carrying red blood cells not only improve nutrient delivery to the foetus but also increase the body’s aerobic performance. Add to that the naturally high levels of the human growth hormone, progesterone, oestrogen and even relaxin that may give a further boost to your gymnastic or even power sport performance.

Can I take the rickshaw back home or is it risky for the early foetus? Photo Gallery

So, on the one hand, pregnancy is being treated like a performance-enhancing drug, and on the other, pregnant women are paranoid about lifting even their handkerchief from the floor in the fear of a miscarriage. At the Facebook Live that Kareena and I hosted, she went on record to say that women must not treat pregnancy like a disease. It’s a natural physiological state and you can do everything you have been doing in your life and even more, like winning Olympic medals ;).

The key here is to understand that, essentially, pregnancy will only amplify the state your body was in before you got there. So if you were healthy and fit, expect an amplification again.

If you were diseased and depressed, well, expect an amplification. Thankfully, there is no rush to get pregnant today; we are living longer than ever and have access to more resources than women had, say, just twenty years ago. So take my advice, get healthy before you get pregnant, and then you can glow like Kareena and do your version of walking ramps, shooting and looking like million dollars. And yes, take the rickshaw.

And while we are talking physiology, here’s some psychology. If your relationship with your husband and in-laws was bad, then that gets amplified too. And if he’s a good husband, then, well, some more goodness is coming your way. So in effect, pregnancy doesn’t stand in your way nor does it make anything go away—it just makes everything bigger in your life.

28.2 Embryonic Development – Anatomy and Physiology

28.2 Embryonic Development – Anatomy and Physiology

Labour supports calls for ban on early foetus gender testing

Labour supports calls for ban on early foetus gender testing

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